A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Global Leadership Program

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Course Selection Form

Please use this form to select your elective courses for the Global Leadership Program.
You will be preassigned to an English course based upon your English level. English courses will consist of public speaking, creative writing and debate.
Elective Course Descriptions
Exploring Science Through Nature - Science is everywhere. In this class, students will learn about science and apply what they learn to the world around them. Eaglebrook's 750-acre campus will serve as a classroom for the majority of this course, a perfect setting to conduct observations and experiments.
Robotics - This is an introductory in robotics in which we utilize the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits as the main platform to introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem-solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorms robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress. Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, and propulsion systems, pending the math and science skill level of the students.
Two Dimensional Art - Learn how to paint and draw, this course is for all skill levels, beginners are welcome. Discover new ways to express yourself. We will spend time outside, painting and drawing from nature. On rainy days we will create images from our imaginations and unwind our minds in the colorful art studio. and unwind our minds in the colorful art studio.
Woodworking - Woodworking is a class to take if you like to work with your hands and power tools, and you think that you may enjoy developing functional pieces from wood. It’s fine if you don’t have any previous experience in a wood shop because you will have the opportunity to learn the basics and more. Or, if you have had some experience, you will have the chance to further develop your skills.
Swimming For Fun & Recreation – Students will improve on basic swim strokes along with playing a variety of aquatic games that will provide plenty of exercise and fun for all in the Schwab Family Pool.
Swimming For Sport - Students will focus on competitive swimming techniques and strategies to improve performance. Also, water polo will be used as a way to improve ability.
Juggling & Ultimate Disc - Learn the skills of juggling along with diablo and devil sticks while you get out to the athletic fields and discover the game of ultimate disc.
Ceramics - As an introduction to ceramics, students explore the basic techniques of pot formation, glazing, and studio safety and cleanliness. Emphasis is placed on the repetition of techniques as an avenue to gaining mastery of skills as well as a personal style.
Note: These elective offerings are preliminary and may change due to enrollment and faculty availability.
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