Eaglebrook's History Detectives Preserve School Legacy

"There is no character in a school without its history," Ulla W. ’26

A select group of students at Eaglebrook embarked on an exciting journey over the spring term as "History Detectives." Prepped with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, these enthusiastic young minds took on the role of archivists, immersing themselves in a captivating collection of donated artifacts earmarked for the school's archives. The mission was clear: to unveil the mysteries of the past and preserve the legacy of Eaglebrook for future generations.

During this term, students archived the David Osborne Collection, a group of documents and items donated to the school by the estate of longtime faculty member David Osborne. In this collection were yearbooks, photographs, and much more. The students carefully combed through the donated items, treating each artifact like a precious piece of history. The class quickly discovered the significant role these items played in the school's one-hundred-and-one-year history, each telling a unique story about the rich traditions and notable people who had left an indelible mark on the Hill.

The History Detectives experienced first-hand how history comes alive when explored through the lens of artifacts, gaining a deeper appreciation for the school's heritage and the greater community it represents. The History Detectives of Eaglebrook School embarked on a memorable and invaluable quest, breathing life into the archives and preserving the school's storied past. Their dedication and passion for unraveling the mysteries of history exemplify the notion that a school is nothing without its history. 
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