Faculty Spotlight: Wendi Melnik

Wendi Melnik is the dynamic force behind the Performing Arts Department at Eaglebrook. Infusing Eaglebrook with her boundless energy since 2003, her journey at the school started with her teaching private violin and viola lessons. In 2009, she took the helm of the string orchestra program, and in 2012, she ascended to the role of Director of the Performing Arts Department. Currently, Ms. Melnik conducts the band, jazz band, and string orchestra. Read below to learn more about her. 
What College/Grad School did you attend?: Loyola University, New Orleans.
What are your roles at Eaglebrook?: Chair of the Performing Arts Dept., teach string orchestra, band, and jazz band.
Proudest Achievement?: There are two achievements: winning the audition for section viola in the Sarasota Orchestra and taking over the band at Eaglebrook when Gary Maynard retired.
Last book you read?: Chatter, The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It by Ethan Kross.
What movie would you recommend?: The Greatest Showman…superb music and storyline!
What is your favorite food?: I love food! So hard to choose…chicken marsala, roasted vegetables, grilled fish…and I love to try new food!!
What is your soundtrack?: It's hard to pick a favorite soundtrack but anything that Adele sings I always like.
What is the best Advice Ever Received?: The best advice I ever received was to consider how important something would be in two weeks, two months, two years and then make a decision about how to proceed.
What brought you to Eaglebrook?: I came to Eaglebrook in 2003 when I moved to the area from Sarasota, FL. I started with teaching private lessons, then started the string orchestra in 2009 and took over the band in 2012.
What do you like most about Eaglebrook?: There are so many things to like about Eaglebrook; the opportunities that are available for both students and faculty that we are so fortunate to experience, faculty who become really close friends, the food!, and of course the concerts to enjoy all the hard work that the students have put forth.
What are your interests/hobbies?: I love to travel and explore new places, cook, read, go to the gym every day, and bike.
One word that describes you? I hope my students think I am fun because I want music to be the fun part of their day when they don’t have to worry about their academics and can just focus on something that builds so many different skills, yet is disguised as pure enjoyment.
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