Eaglebrook School Celebrates Grandparents’ Day 2023

Grandparents' Day is a special occasion that celebrates the love, wisdom, and experience that grandparents bring to the lives of our students. At Eaglebrook, this day is highly anticipated by students and faculty alike. Grandparents’ Day fell on April 28 this year, and the day was packed with various activities and events that grandparents could participate in alongside their grandchildren. 

Following the morning assembly, which featured the Eaglebrook Band playing a handful of songs and medleys for the crowd, students and their grandparents went to classes. See the performances by the band here
After lunch the Head of School, Andrew Chase, gave brief remarks on Eaglebrook past and present, followed by student speeches on what Eaglebrook has meant to them. 

In the afternoon, grandparents were able to watch their grandchildren participate in athletic practices and matches. See pictures from the day here
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