Jennie McAvoy has been an ESL and English teacher for 29 years, the last 21 of which have been at Eaglebrook. Jennie particularly enjoys teaching grammar and helping students unlock the mysteries of the English language. After living in the dorm for twelve years (the first two in Halsted and the last ten in Flagler) with her husband, Bart, and their two children, John '09 and Amelia '11, her family now lives off-campus in South Deerfield. 

Name: Jennie McAvoy

College/Grad School: B.A Oberlin College, M.A.T Hunter College 

What are your roles at Eaglebrook? I teach English and ESL. 

Proudest Achievement? My kids and some of my music. 

Last book you read? White Rose by Kip Wilson. 

Movie you would recommend? Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle. 

My soundtrack is? OMG! Scottish and Irish traditional music. 

Favorite Food? Pizza, Watermelon, and Ice Cream. 

Best Advice Ever Received? Never get on an empty subway car from my Mom. 

Why Eaglebrook? The people and the environment, including this area of the Pioneer Valley. 

What are your interests/hobbies? Folk singing and guitar player, knitting, and learning the Irish flute. 

What animal do you identify with most? Probably a dog. 

One word that describes me? Transparent  
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