Miles joined the Eaglebrook faculty in 2019 as a teacher, advisor, and coach. He teaches mathematics to all grades. Miles is also a soccer, basketball, and baseball coach. Miles lives and advises in Taylor House with his longtime girlfriend who works for the Sea Education Association. 

Name: Miles Harlow

College/Grad School: B.A Macalester College, M.A.T Smith College

What are your roles at Eaglebrook? I teach Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Form Mathematics, and I coach Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. 

Proudest Achievement? I would say completing my master’s degree. 

Last book you read? The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Kurt Vonnegut’s

My soundtrack is? I have a wide range of taste. I have everything Nathaneal Rateliff to Tee-Grizzly. 

Movie you would recommend? Remember the Titans
Favorite Food? Lobster and my Dad’s Ribs.  

Why Eaglebrook? The community! When I got to campus, I looked around and everyone was very committed and had similar views on childhood development and it was easy to join that type of community. 

What are your interests/hobbies? Skiing, Traveling, and I’d like to learn to speak Spanish better. 

What animal do you identify with most? A puppy 

One word that describes me? Fun-loving 
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