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100 Students Arrive for Eaglebrook Summer Semester

The 2019 Eaglebrook Summer Semester opened on Saturday, June 30, as we welcomed the largest enrollment in program history. Several alumni dropping off their children were immediately flooded with memories of their time at Eaglebrook and began telling stories about their experiences all afternoon. Moreover, returning students sought one another and began sharing stories from their year. On the first night, students were treated to an ice cream social in the Gibbs Dining Hall. See photos from the ice cream social here and see photos from opening day here

Summer Semester is a four-week program for boys and girls aged 10-13. Students have classes, sports, and twice a week take a field trip to various locations around New England.  Classes are held each morning after an assembly and this year there are 51 different classes being offered. After classes, students play sports in the afternoon. Evenings are spent hanging out outside or in the dormitories. 

There are 100 students attending Summer Semester,  83 boys and 17 girls. Ten of the 100 students are returners to the Summer Semester program. The boys and girls come from eight states and eight countries. Thirteen of the interns working the program are either regular year alumni or Summer Semester alumni. 

Brian Rose, Director of the Summer Semester, said “Despite the rain wind and even moments of hail on registration day, the sun shined in the afternoon and the campus was alive with energy. This year the students have already shown that they are energetic and eager to enjoy the month of classes sports and field trips”.

Learn more about Summer Semester by visiting  www.eaglebrook.org/SummerSemester.
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