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Eaglebrook’s Green Cup Dorm Challenge 2019

The Sustainability Committee, overseen by Ms. Kat Celeta, kicked off the Green Cup Challenge recently. “The purpose of the Green Cup Challenge is to raise awareness about our energy use on campus, while also showing students that their actions can make a difference,” explained Ms. Celata. The challenge began on Friday, January 11th and will run until Friday, February 1st.

Each of the six dorms on the Eaglebrook campus will compete to use as little energy as possible. Ways to use less energy include turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and unplugging outlets. Results each week are counted by the percentage of energy decreased from a baseline that was previously measured, and not the total amount of energy. Therefore, no matter how big or small the dorm is, each dorm has a chance to win. Individuals within a dorm who have done the most to save energy will also be recognized. Results are calculated at the end of each week and prizes are awarded to the winners. The weekly prizes include a tasty treat as well as a label for their bedroom door, recognizing their efforts. The first-week Green Leaf Award winners in Kravis House were Maury Escalona ’19, Brandon Williams ’22, and Mac Elliott ’19. Week one winners in Eagles Nest were Leo Shi ’20 and Jesus Urias ’20. In Mayer House, Farouk Mukhtar ’21 and Chris Fang ’19 took home a prize. Will Lunder ’21 and Jose Madero ’19 were the Taylor House winners. In Flagler House, Dylan Ngwa ’21 won and in Halstead, Fred Chrysler ’20 and Dotun Adedokun ’19 were the week one winners. The week two winners in Kravis House were Nate Roachford ‘21, Alex Ahmed ‘19, and Finn Robertson ‘20. In Mayer House, Bodie Fish ‘19 and Farouk Mukhtar ‘21 took home the Green Leaf Award for the week. In Taylor House, Charlie Chen ‘19 and William Zhang ‘21 were awarded prizes. In Halsted House, Joe Brown ‘19 and Mack Pattee ‘19 were winners. In Eagles Nest, David Bowers ‘20 and Jesus Acosta ‘19 were the prize winners for the week. The Green Leaf Award winners for week three will be announced on Friday, February 1st.

In addition to the weekly prizes, the most important prize goes to the dorm that uses the least energy in the three-week span. The dorm that uses the least energy will win a dress down day. The current leader of the challenge is Kravis House. Ms. Celata said, “Our hope through the Green Cup Challenge is that students will develop sustainable practices, such as turning off the lights when they leave the room, as well as an understanding that their decisions and practices do make a difference”. Learn more about Sustainability at Eaglebrook at www.eaglebrook.org/sustainability.
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