A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Attention Current Parents

Parents of current students please login to the website to see all school events. Click the Login button located at the top right of the screen. Once you sign in, click on the Calendar button at the top of the screen.
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    Saturday Morning Activities

    Art Committee Country Fair 
    Brown Bag Brigade 
    Intro to Wrestling 
    Learn to Swim 
    Mountain Bikers 
    Pound Cleanup 
    Talon Pages 
    Why Eaglebrook

    Saturday Afternoon Activities

    Wood Shop 
    Memorial Field Tent

    VI Form Spanish Affinity

    Escape Room

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    Ashfield Fall Festival



    Clay Pigeon Shoot

    EBS Archers


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    Country Fair Preparation Night

    Pick up time for Day Students is approximately 9:00 pm. Students should check with their advisors for a more accurate pickup time.
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    Secondary School Placement Meeting

    Bartlett Assembly Area
    Sixth Form Students & Parents. With Karl J. Koenigsbauer, Dean of Placement

    Evening of the Arts

    Bartlett Assembly Area
    Piano and choral performance presented by the Music Department, followed by the play The Audition by Don Zolidis, presented by the Drama Department
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    Parents' Committee Symposia

    Parents' Committee Symposia by Form. "A Healthy Balance: Creating flexible structures for educational and recreational technology at Eaglebrook"
    • Third Form: with Shappy LaPointe, Dean of School Life. Chorus Room, Evans 226
    • Fourth Form: with Nick Leyden, Director of Studies. Copley Library, Learning Center
    • Fifth Form: with Christa Lakey, Director of Technology Integration & Innovation. Bartlett Assembly Area, Learning Center
    • Sixth Form: with Paul Cyr-Mutty, Dean of Faculty. Band Room, Evans 127

    Book Fair

    Copley Library

    Country Fair Concessions

    Infirmary Field

    Country Fair Silent Auction

    Eagles Nest Pavillion

    Parents' Association Meeting

    Gibbs Dining Hall
    Remarks by Headmaster Andrew Chase & Sixth Form Speakers

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Classroom Buildings
    Boys may check out with parents after teacher conferences to return to campus by Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. 
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    Study Night

    Day Students may be picked up after sports
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    French Activity

    Pocumtuck Mt. Bike

    Talent Show Prep

    Town Trip

    Campfire Gourmet

    Indoor Climb

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    Debate Club

    LC 102

    Fall Time Fun

    French Activity


    Sun Bowl Climbing

    Talent Show Prep

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    Talent Show

    Bartlett Assembly Area
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    Saturday Morning Activities

    Ad Libs
    Dias De Los Muerto setup 
    Fall Treats
    Woodshop Activity 
    Lawn Beatification 
    Intro to Wrestling 
    Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance 
    XC Team Activty 
    Taylor Beatification 
    Kravis  Cleanup
    Flagler Cleanup 
    Evans Cleanup

    Town Trip

    Saturday Afternoon Activities

    Art Studio (HOLIDAY CARDS!) 
    Wood Shop

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    Home Night

    Eaglebrook Dormitories
    Pick up time for Day Students is approximately 9:00 pm. Students should check with their advisors for a more accurate pickup time.
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