A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Development Tennis v. Cardigan Mountain School

It was a splendid, sunny afternoon for the Development Tennis boys to play our oldest rivals. Rackets in hand and ready to play, the team walked off the bus in shirt and tie. Each player participated in two rounds of doubles. The Cardigan boys did not let up easily, challenging each of our boys to consider more strategic shot selection and aggressive net play. Atwill and Blanco's second match went into the tiebreaker round. Although Eaglebrook did not walk away with the win on Cardigan Day, their final match was the culminating demonstration of all the boys have learned this season. We saw enormous growth in the areas of defensive play, team communication, and groundstroke technique. Each player demonstrated significant improvement in these areas yesterday. Thanks to Cardigan for an exciting afternoon.
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