A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Ultimate v. Four Rivers

One of the bright points of our afternoon was that the snow didn’t start until after the game ended. Another bright spot was that despite the score our defensive play was solid for most of the game with our players facing their men throughout the game. Our handlers, Jayden Chyu, Yoon Ha Lee, Eli Savage Andy Choi, and Ethan Woo played well with the disc and I look forward to seeing their continued development in this area. Mid-fielders, James Chen, Hyun Dong Lee, Andrew Pang, Sam Evans, and Thad Lucentini ran some good routes. Now that they have seen what the opposition does, they will get better at cutting into the open spaces. Our deeps, William Kim, Ming Qin, got a feel for the position and really started to be effective in the second half of the game. All of our scorings was in the second half. On our first point, Jaden Chyu hit a streaking HD Lee with a pass in the end zone. For our second point, Jaden again passed but this time to Andy Choi. This point was the direct result of a quick strike after a turnover. I am pleased with the consistent hustle that our team showed throughout the game and hope to see this again in our next game on Wednesday at 3:30 vs The Winchendon School.
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