A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

Varsity Tennis v. Kimball Union Academy

Result: Win 6-1
Eaglebrook Varsity Tennis got off to a solid start to the season, defeating Kimball Union Academy 6-1 on a perfect spring day. Donning their new uniforms, the Brookies were ready to put tryouts behind them and get into a competitive play. Right off the bat, the doubles pairings seemed ideal, so much so that the coaches would not be surprised if they lasted all season!

After we won two out of our three doubles matches (the fourth was exhibition), we then managed to win five out of six of the singles matches. Each match was competitive, although the scoreboard sometimes indicated otherwise. Most importantly, players on both sides played with sportsmanship, and we are confident that this group has what it takes to be a solid team in a sport that sometimes gets labeled as too individualistic.

We have an 11-day break until we head down the hill to meet our neighborly rivals, Deerfield Academy. Until then, we have plenty of skill areas to work on before competitive play resumes!
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