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Wrestling at Fessenden

It was the 50th Junior New England Championship this past Saturday at the Fessenden School and the Eaglebrook wrestling team was able to bring ten wrestlers to this prestigious event and wrestle the best middle school prep schools in New England. There were fifteen teams at the tournament and over 140 wrestlers. Sadly, due to illness and injury, the Eagles squad was not at a 100%, being allowed to bring up to twelve wrestlers, however, the Eagles ten wouldn’t let their numbers deter them from competing at their highest ability.

Wrestling began at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 4:00 p.m. The Eagles who competed were exhausted physically and emotionally but were able to achieve a ton in such a short amount of time, seeing how their season of over ten weeks came down to just six hours of wrestling. Out of Ealgebrook’s ten wrestlers, six earned medals! The Eagles had three wrestlers earn fourth-place, one earn third, another earn second and in their last match of the day they had a champion! The team placed 6th out of 15 teams, and again, that was with the team missing two experienced wrestlers.

Injuries and illness are all apart of wrestling and the team worked through their fair share of these issues as the season progressed. Many wrestlers stepped up to the challenges and wrestled in this varsity level tournament when it was just their first year on the mat and that shows how brave this team has been all season. They scraped for everything they earned this season and to finish the year with an 8-2-1 record and a 6th place finish at the Junior New England Championship is quite a season.
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