A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

The Essential Ninth Grade Year

The Ninth Grade is an important year at a Junior Boarding School. Watch some Eaglebrook Sixth Formers talk about their Eaglebrook experience. Click on the videos below.

The Ninth Grade is the Culmination

Eaglebrook School is a boarding and day school for boys in the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. At Eaglebrook, the ninth grade, or the Sixth Form, is the culminating experience of middle school education. In the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, Eaglebrook boys are establishing work habits, discovering their interests, developing talents, building athletic skills, and learning to value and respect differences in their fellow students.
When boys enter their ninth grade year, they know that the Sixth Formers are envied by the rest of the students. The Sixth Form leadership is a valued tradition. Eaglebrook’s entire program culminates in a Sixth Form year of fulfillment, leadership, and responsibility. Although students wonder if they are true leaders, they will find the faculty ready to offer support.

Opportunities for Leadership

Opportunities for leadership complement the students’ interests and strengths and help them grow in confidence: Sixth Form assemblies, team captains, the Student Council, leading roles in plays, singing groups, band, string orchestra, dormitory proctors, the school publications, and table heads in the dining room. Sixth Form students serve on committees: art, music, social, reception, food, library, and athletic. They serve the community as volunteers with Hospice, community meals, and other organizations. On weekends they help with the school’s recycling program, work around the dormitories, and in the school garden. The Sixth Form opportunities help students accept responsibility and develop confidence.
The school values the Sixth Form because boys in their final year at Eaglebrook are concrete examples of what the school accomplishes through its mission. Their friendships, personal values, academic focus, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship in victory or defeat, respect for differences, and genuine kindness are living examples of the goals of the school.

Ninth Graders Have the Skills to Succeed

After Eaglebrook’s Sixth Form, boys enter secondary schools as sophomores in high school sure of their academic abilities, secure in their personal values, aware of the arts and music, and confident in their athletic skills. Eaglebrook’s Sixth Form is the essential year. Take a look at the Ninth Grade Curriculum at Eaglebrook.

The Core Skills for Boys

  • offers competitive and recreational teams at numerous levels of ability up to the Varsity level.
  • is blessed with outstanding facilities: many playing fields, baseball diamonds, indoor ice hockey arena, mountain with snowmaking and groomed trails for skiing and snowboarding, indoor swimming pool, all-weather track and field, wooded trails for cross-country running, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, a gymnasium, squash courts, fitness center, ropes course, wrestling facility, and spacious locker rooms.
  • hosts tournaments each year in Soccer, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Skiing, and Wrestling.

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in applying to Eaglebrook, please visit www.eaglebrook.org/apply to begin the process.