A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine

How Could You Do It?

At Eaglebrook, we understand middle school boys, and we know how to teach them the skills they will need for the rest of their lives. Boys leave Eaglebrook transformed and ready to take on the world.

Why Choose a Junior Boarding School?

How can you do it? How can you send your child away from home to Eaglebrook during his middle school years?” This is a charged question, because a junior boarding school for boys in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades is not a tradition in American education. However, far too often the conditions in local schools are not ideal. “How could you do it?” is a question parents may hear and it is a question they must answer for their own peace of mind. The answer is, How could you NOT do it?

A Safe Place for Boys to Learn & Grow

In today’s complex world, often both parents have demanding careers. They want their children in a safe, structured and nurturing environment. At Eaglebrook School the rural western Masschusetts setting offers a safe place for students to learn and enjoy their childhood without the distractions and temptations found in public and day schools. Perhaps the current school is not meeting their children’s needs. The classes at Eaglebrook are small with close supervision for mastering skills, developing talents, and expanding interests. The day is structured with time for classes, meals, study, activities, and sports. The teachers are knowledgeable, understand and enjoy middle school children, and are secure in their personal values.

Understanding How Boys Develop

After a visit to Eaglebrook School, parents can answer the question “How could you do it?”. They talk about Eaglebrook’s small classes that meet children where they are in their development. They describe a sports program that offers challenges for advanced players and basic skills for beginners. They point out that each child has a chance to continue developing talents in music, art, and drama, or to discover an interest in these areas for the first time. They mention the opportunity to meet and make friends with a diverse group of boys from many different states and countries. And they say that their child will build true self-confidence that comes from finding success in many different ways.

Boarding School Can Work for You

Boarding school is an opportunity available to any qualified student. Eaglebrook School offers some degree of financial assistance to more than 20% of its students. Children form friendships without regard to culture, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.
The best answer to the question, “How can you do it?” is found at Eaglebrook School: in the beauty of the rolling hills, in the kindness of men and women who teach and coach, in the family-like atmosphere in our dormitory houses, in the nurturing environment, and in the dining room at family style meals.

Come and Visit Us

Come visit Eaglebrook with your son. Attend a morning assembly and go to a class. Visit the ceramics studio, a drama elective, a swimming lesson. Watch the athletic teams at play. Listen to the band practice. Hear the chorus singing. And be prepared to answer your son’s question: “When can I go to Eaglebrook?”

The Core Skills for Boys

  • offers competitive and recreational teams at numerous levels of ability up to the Varsity level.
  • is blessed with outstanding facilities: many playing fields, baseball diamonds, indoor ice hockey arena, mountain with snowmaking and groomed trails for skiing and snowboarding, indoor swimming pool, all-weather track and field, wooded trails for cross-country running, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, a gymnasium, squash courts, fitness center, ropes course, wrestling facility, and spacious locker rooms.
  • hosts tournaments each year in Soccer, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Skiing, and Wrestling.

From the Experts

Read an article from Boarding School Review about the five reasons why Junior Boarding School might work for your child.

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in applying to Eaglebrook, please visit www.eaglebrook.org/apply to begin the process.