Course Information for Incoming Families

Third Form Course Information for New Families

All Third Form (6th grade) students take a year of the following classes: English, history, Latin, math, and science. These classes will be pre-sectioned by the Third Form Department Chair and the Director of Studies. Each student will receive a schedule upon arrival at Eaglebrook.
Part of your child’s schedule will also have openings for elective classes that include visual and performing arts, music, and several other course offerings, which you will have the chance to review with your child and their advisor during opening days of the 2020-2021 school year. Please take the time to fill out the electronic forms below in order to assist the Curriculum Office in further personalizing your child’s individual schedule.
Please click on the title of the electronic forms below to open them. Parents, please fill out this form within two weeks of receipt.

  • Third Form Academic Information (you will need to sign in to the website to complete this form)
Parents, have your child's teacher complete the electronic forms below. We would like to have the forms back no later than June 1, 2020. 

Please contact the appropriate Department Chair with specific questions. For all other general academic questions, please contact the Director of Studies.

Eaglebrook School
271 Pine Nook Road
P.O. Box 7
Deerfield, Massachusetts 01342

Main Phone Number (Switchboard):
(413) 774-7411

Head of School
Andrew Chase '73
(413) 774-9132

Assistant Head, Dean of Faculty

Paul Cyr-Mutty
(413) 774-9121

Assistant Head, Dean of Placement
Karl J. Koenigsbauer
(413) 774-9106

Assistant Head, Dean of Students
Richard Fox
(413) 774-9186

Assistant Head, Dean of School Life
Shappy LaPointe
(413) 774-9165

Director of Admissions
Christopher Loftus
(413) 774-9111

Director of Health Services
Brenda Wozniakewicz
(413) 774-9181

Director of Studies
Nick Leyden
(413) 774-9107

Director of Technology
Integration & Innovation
Christa Lakey
(413) 774-9116

Director of Curriculum
Ginny Morsman
(413) 774-9248

Director of Athletics
Luke Williams
(413) 774-9189

Travel Office Coordinator
Cindy Fox
(413) 774-9123

Director of Technology
Bill McGuirk
(413) 774-9130

Director of Advancement & Communications
Schuyler Bogel
(413) 774-9182

Chief Financial Officer
Eric Malloy
(413) 774-9171

Director of Summer Semester
Brian Rose '98
(413) 774-9106


Wendi Melnik

Science: Sol Lakey

Studio Arts: Emily Fay

Third Form: Shappy LaPointe

World Language: Ana Dias Leyden

English: Ruth Koenigsbauer
ESL: David Goodrow
Math: Joe Elias
History: Brian Rose '98
Academic Support: Kathy Watroba

271 Pine Nook Road   |   P. O. Box 7   |    Deerfield, MA 01342   |   413-774-7411