Admissions Open House

On Saturday, May 4 from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. we are opening our doors to all members of the local community! Come meet our faculty and students as you learn about our unique learning environment for boys in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. 

Please call the Admissions Office at (413) 774-9111 or email admissions@eaglebrook.org to RSVP before April 20.
Additional Information
A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
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Harsha Agadi
Alpharetta, GA
Parent of Samir '13
Douglas Braff '75
Locust Valley, NY
Parent of Doug '12 & William '14

Daryl G. Byrd
New Orleans, LA
Parent of Bennett '05

Charles Cahn III
Suffield, CT

Andrew C. Chase '73
Deerfield, MA
Parent of Calla '07, Lucy '10, Sam '12

Sally Dungan
Charlestown, MA
Parent of Bud '10 & Joe '15

Kathleen Elkins
South Deerfield, MA
Parent of Jackson '14 & Jonathan '16
Frederick L. Friedman '72
Southfield, MA
Parent of Tom '09

Lawrence Graham 
Chappaqua, NY
Parent of Gordon '14 & Harrison '17

Jon Grenzke '91
Newton, MA
James B. Gubelmann
Palm Beach, FL
Parent of Bingo '95

William B. Gutfarb '67
Aiken, SC

Paige Jernigan
Bronxville, NY
Parent of Cole '16 & Sheppard '17

Peter McKillop '73
New York, NY
Frank Nelson
New York, NY
Parent of Matt '08
Steven A. Rockwell '70
New York, NY
James Schaefer '83
New York, NY

Wesley Seifer '88
Greenwich, CT
Dr. Eric Taylor '77
Mission, TX
Parent of Eric '04 & Ellison '10

Lucas van Praag
New York, NY
Parent of Sam '14
D. Scott Wise
New York, NY
Parent of Harry '08

Parent Trustees

Alumni Trustees

Matthew Chang
Beijing, China
Parent of Andrew '18 & Kevin '19

Jay & Aimee Jamison
Woodside, CA
Parents of Hobie '17 & Huck '19

Shih-Wei & Diana Peng
San Francisco, CA
Parents of Jonathan '19

Andy & Reg Rockefeller
Keene, NH
Parent of Jack '19

Remy Trafelet
New York, NY
Parent of Remy '19

Edwin Wong
Hong Kong
Parent of Justin '20

Stephen W. Bartlett '90
New York, NY
Parent of Walker '22
Frost Cochran '80
Houston, TX
Parent of William '16

Patrick Mahoney '83
Greenfield, MA
Parent of Rufus '20

Prescott Miller '89
Atlanta, GA
Jim Neary '80
New York, NY

Salvador Neme '07
Mexico City, Mexico

Troup Parkinson '91
Wellesley, MA
Judson Traphagen '82
New York, NY

Advisory Board

Libby Alexander
Rye, NY
Parent of Aaron '08 & Collin '12

Dr. Bob Arnot
Stowe, VT
Parent of Hayden '09

Vasant Chatikavanij '72

Bangkok, Thailand
Parent of Wansit '03

Kyoo Wan Cho
Seoul, Korea
Parent of David '11

Michael P. Falcone '77
Skaneateles, NY
Parent of Nate '10

John Gates
Chicago, IL
Parent of Fordy '05 & Tommy '14

Dongsoo Kim

Seoul, Korea
Parent of Charles '06 & Edward '08

Hyung-Il Kim

Seoul, Korea
Parent of JK '03, YK '06 & CK '10

Michael Klump
Atlanta, GA
Parent of Andrew '16

Luis Felipe Perez-Davila '79
Greenwich, CT
Parent of Alejandro '09
Ramon Neme
Mexico City, Mexico
Parent of Ramon '05 & Salvador '07

Douglas B. Stotz '76
Wayland, MA

Adrian Paez
Monterrey, Mexico
Parent of Adrian '17 & Juan Diego '18

Wolfgang Traber
New York, NY
Parent of Max '03 & Lucas '07
Todd Warnock
Winnetka, IL
Parent of Motts '11

Marita Wong
Hong Kong
Parent of Alexander '15

Austen Zecha '54
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lifetime Trustees

Susan P. Cochran
Palm Beach, FL
Parent of Jay '79 & grandparent of Will '16

Robert S. Evans '59
Greenwich, CT
June Larkin
Greenwich, CT
Parent of Noble Smith '64 & Bradford Smith '74

Robert R. Larsen '46
Fairfield, CT
George C. Lunt II
Deerfield, MA
Parent of George '76, & John '78

William M. Matthews
Palm Beach, FL
Parent of Michael '00 & Alexander '01
Emily Wade
Bedford, MA
Parent of Handy '74, grandparent of Peter '07, & Jeptha '19
George T. Williamson
Richmond, VA
Parent of David '88 & grandparent of Tom '14