A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Center for Middle School Teaching & Learning
Center for Middle School - Teaching at Eaglebrook
Twice a year, Eaglebrook's Center for Middle School Teaching & Learning, along with the Parents' Committee, sponsors symposia to talk and learn about topics pertinent to boys in middle school. 

2019-2020 Parents' Symposia

Fall 2019 Topic: A Healthy Place to Learn: The Eaglebrook Health & Wellness Curriculum

The fall Parents' Symposia focused on a comprehensive overview of the school's Health and Wellness curriculum by Form. Eaglebrook is committed to maintaining the emotional, mental, physical, and social health and wellness of its students.
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2018-2019 Parents' Symposia

Winter 2019 Topic: In the Face of Challenge: How Eaglebrook Helps Students Develop Grit & Perseverance

This year’s Parents' Symposia at Winter Carnival topic was titled “In the Face of Challenge” and how Eaglebrook develops grit and perseverance. We examined some research and concepts about grit and perseverance and how we help students develop the skills and habits to meet these challenges. The purpose of the symposia is to provide parents an opportunity to connect with other parents, to learn more about why we do what we do here at Eaglebrook and to gather feedback from the Parents’ Committee for future symposiums.
Download the resources from the winter 2019 Parents' Symposia. Click on the booklet below to read through the presentation.

Fall 2018 Topic: A Healthy Balance: Creating Flexible Structures for Educational and Recreational Technology at Eaglebrook

This year’s Parents' Symposia at Country Fair focused on the school's work on evolving a thoughtful, responsive approach to student use of technology to teach the Core Skills, communicate, and appropriately entertain with the need to set and uphold sensible, age-appropriate limitations. We were able to share the value of technology through examples of current classwork as well as discuss the policies we have set into place to support recreational use.
The discussions within each Form reflected the complexity inherent in balancing this opportunity for learning, and also helped to clarify the importance of the partnership between the school, students, and parents in this endeavor. The school continues to remain committed to refining and improving our policies as our understanding and experience grow, and to sharing resources that may be useful in continuing this dialogue.

Download the resources from the fall 2018 Parents' Symposia. Click on the booklet below to read through the presentation.