Admissions Open House

On Saturday, May 4 from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. we are opening our doors to all members of the local community! Come meet our faculty and students as you learn about our unique learning environment for boys in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. 

Please call the Admissions Office at (413) 774-9111 or email admissions@eaglebrook.org to RSVP before April 20.
Additional Information
A junior boarding and day school for boys in grades six, seven, eight, and nine
Center for Middle School - Teaching at Eaglebrook

Coach Skills & Responsibilities

Skill Set
  • Belief in School Mission and Values
    • Appreciation for and interest in middle school students
    • Ability to model exemplary adult behavior and school values
  • Good Communication Skills
    • Good written and verbal communication skills with athletes, parents and other coaches
    • Ability to communicate with athletes and officials verbally in sometimes stressful situations
  • Ability to Plan and Organize
    • Anticipate upcoming events
    • Balance demands of practice and game preparation and other responsibilities
    • Provide students with necessary structure to learn to organize themselves as student/athletes
  • Knowledge of Adolescent Behavior
    • Ability to create and maintain a safe athletic environment, both emotional and physical
    • Model mature, caring, and responsible adult behavior
    • Basic understanding of child development and psychology
    • Willingness to learn more about adolescent behavior
  • Knowledge of Sport
    • Understand and communicate important skills and strategies of sport
    • Knowledge of appropriate competitive level in sport for middle school athletes
    • Willingness to learn more about areas in which assigned to coach
  • Knowledge of Sound Coaching practice
    • Understand range of ability for middle schools students in sports
    • Basic understanding of how to develop practice and game plans
    • Willingness to learn more about and employ safe and appropriate coaching practices
  • Approachability
    • Openness to helping athletes, parents and other coaches
    • Ability to create clear boundaries in coach/athlete relationship
  • Consistency
    • Ability to follow policies and procedures consistently
  • Cooperativeness
    • Willingness to take direction and apply it
    • Desire to work as part of a team and accept departmental decisions
  • Active support of the school's Mission
    • Modeling of appropriate coaching conduct
    • Advocate for athletes
    • Individualize approach to each athlete
  • Coach games
    • Adequate appropriate playing time for each athlete
    • Model and enforce good sportsmanship
    • Ensure a safe competitive environment
    • Communicate about upcoming contests
  • Organize Practices
    • Safe, both emotionally and physically
    • Varied
    • Age-appropriate
    • Develop skills for different athletes
    • Maintain appropriate practice discipline
      • Maintain clear standards for behavior at practices
      • Assign appropriate consequences when standards are not met
      • Follow through with administrators and advisers about discipline issues
  • Communicate with advisors and parents on athlete progress
    • Emails and phone calls depending on situation
    • Write thoughtful complete sports comments
    • Participate in meetings about students athletes
  • Read and apply information gained from memos and meetings
    • About students
    • About curriculum and routines
  • Communicate information gained from your own experience to others
    • Parents, administrators, and other faculty
  • Support and advise other faculty with their coaching
  • Help school develop sound age appropriate sports curriculum
  • Keep abreast of new developments in sport and general athletic training for adolescents
  • Anticipate events and workload, maintaining a personal calendar
  • Properly arrange necessary coverage for absences
  • Attend coaches’ and weekly Full Faculty meetings
  • Participate in evaluation program
  • Manage paperwork ( student memos, officials pay slips, etc.)
A coach’s immediate supervisors for matters related to coaching are the Director and Assistant Directors of Athletics.